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Posted on 23rd September 2009 by Ben Krasner

My name is Ben Krasner.¬† I’m 32 years old and I currently live in a suburb just outside of Cleveland, Ohio.¬† I’m married to my beautiful wife, Natalie, and we have a cat named Taiji (Taijitu) – our only child right now.¬† I’m an old-school guy raised by two committed parents – one who grew up in the great depression and one who was born in England and on the day Pearl Harbor was attacked.¬† I believe in honesty, hard work, open communication and taking care of others.¬† I’m into psychology, coaching, counseling, sports and technology.¬† I’m getting more and more handy around the house and with cars and trucks.¬† I’m not a republican, nor a democrat… I’m not conservative, nor am I liberal.¬† I’m an independent thinker who can’t be wrapped up in any labels or flags other than the one that stands for the United States of America.

Originally from Flint, Michigan, I moved to Cleveland when Natalie was accepted to dental school at Case Western Reserve University (now just called “Case”) after we both graduated from the University of Michigan in the spring of 2000.¬† We’ve stuck around the area since then while she gained valuable experience as a dentist and are now looking towards our next venture of owning our own dental practice somewhere in southern Michigan, northwest Ohio or northeast Indiana.

My family is located in Flint and Ann Arbor, Michigan.¬† We’re a small group – a family of four.¬† We have some extended family out there as well that we know and meet up with on occasion, but for the most part it’s just us 4.¬† Natalie’s family is larger and more spread out with some in Michigan, some right here in Ohio, and some as far away as Texas.

I enjoy drinking Jack Daniels – hence the subtitle of my site and blog.¬† A great evening for me would include my wife, a fire outside, a glass of¬† Jack Daniels (or a big Jack and Coke if I’m really thirsty) some music and a nice cigar from my humidor.

More to come, here… but lots of content to type up.¬† Check back soon.

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