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Posted on 17th June 2010 by Ben Krasner

Here, you’ll find an updated list of items that I am interested in obtaining.  Some of these items would make great gift ideas for occasions someone might deem special enough to give me something.  Other items are larger items that are far too big for any sort of reasonable gift giving and are more being put out there so that people can see what sort of things I am interested in.  If someone wanted to give me a gift certificate for a special occasion that could be put toward the purchase of a larger value item, of course that would be just fine by me.  I would also appreciate anyone dropping me a line if they see a really good deal on any of the items on my wish list so I can check into it.

So without further delay, I present: My Wish List

DeWalt DW718 12-inch double-bevel sliding miter saw

Standard Price: $629.99
Quantity Desired: 1
Source of Choice: Lowe’s or Home Depot

DeWalt DW718 12-inch double-bevel sliding miter saw

Ain't she a beauty!

The list is only in its infancy, but I can already see where it is headed.  It doesn’t help that I like building things, either – that just encourages it to keep growing.  As a result, I’m going to need tools to help me handle the workload and a miter saw definitely fits the bill.

Of course there’s always the question of, “why this particular saw?”  The answer, to me, is very simple:  I only plan on owning one of these so I want it to be (1) a good one and (2) everything that I could need.  This particular unit gets solid reviews everywhere you look – something that isn’t so easy to find with these types of saws, I have learned.  It’s beefy and stable, and the size, bevel angles and sliding capabilities provide the ability to handle any reasonable building or molding task with ease.

If there is one knock I have with this model it is that it does not include a laser guide – you have to buy that separately.  To me that’s a bit silly when you consider that even entry level 10-inch saws have the laser guides included, but I yield to the experts on these because I don’t know what they cost to build and retail.  Maybe the laser guide really would add enough to the cost/price of the unit that DeWalt (or maybe more specifically, the retailers) wouldn’t be able to meet a price point that would allow them to sell enough of them.  I don’t know – it just seems like an obvious missing piece to the puzzle.  By itself, the laser guide runs about $80.

Regardless of the laser guide feature omission, I believe this is the saw for me.  Runner up to this: the Milwaukee 6955-20 12-inch dual-bevel sliding compound miter saw.

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