Ben’s Appletini Recipe – Natalie Approved!

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Posted on 4th February 2010 by Ben Krasner in Recipes - Drinks

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Ok, so Natalie comes to me and says… I want an appletini and here’s the recipe!  Naturally I read the recipe, make one, and offer her to try it – alas, she doesn’t really like it.  “Tastes funny”, I believe was the exact response.  I work by smell, in the kitchen, so I smell her drink and agree that it might taste funny because it smells a little off from what I have smelled an appletini smell like before.  So, I get crackin on a new recipe and Voila!  Natalie approved goodness.

Appletini Recipe: Ben’s Appletini #1

(typically makes 2 drinks or one large drink)

Take a shaker and fill it just past half-way with crushed ice (okay, use cubes if you must).  Pour in ingredients – in a perfect world, add the sugar first.  Cover and shake vigorously for 30-40-50 shakes – if you’re using a metal shaker you’re looking to shake until your hands just can’t bare the cold any longer.  Pop the top and strain into the glass – I typically just use the strainer built-in to the shaker I own, but you could use a hawthorne strainer as well.  You’re looking for only minute pieces of ice to make it into the appletini.