Ben’s Appletini Recipe – Natalie Approved!

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Posted on 4th February 2010 by Ben Krasner in Recipes - Drinks

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Ok, so Natalie comes to me and says… I want an appletini and here’s the recipe!  Naturally I read the recipe, make one, and offer her to try it – alas, she doesn’t really like it.  “Tastes funny”, I believe was the exact response.  I work by smell, in the kitchen, so I smell her drink and agree that it might taste funny because it smells a little off from what I have smelled an appletini smell like before.  So, I get crackin on a new recipe and Voila!  Natalie approved goodness.

Appletini Recipe: Ben’s Appletini #1

(typically makes 2 drinks or one large drink)

Take a shaker and fill it just past half-way with crushed ice (okay, use cubes if you must).  Pour in ingredients – in a perfect world, add the sugar first.  Cover and shake vigorously for 30-40-50 shakes – if you’re using a metal shaker you’re looking to shake until your hands just can’t bare the cold any longer.  Pop the top and strain into the glass – I typically just use the strainer built-in to the shaker I own, but you could use a hawthorne strainer as well.  You’re looking for only minute pieces of ice to make it into the appletini.


On A Budweiser Kick

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Posted on 28th January 2010 by Ben Krasner in Day to Day Goodies

Anyone who knows me knows that I favor liquor over beer on most drinking occasions. For me, beer is for ball games and other summer time activities where I want to be refreshed while in-taking a little alcohol, all the while still being quite capable of remaining active. Beer tends to affect me very little unless it’s an occasion where I’m on a completely empty stomach and I’m quite parched – so beer has always had a pretty well defined role for me and that role seems to be front and center right now.

A good whiskey or bourbon will always do me nicely when I’m looking to have a drink while being inactive. Depending on how I pace myself, I can get a perfect buzz going relatively easily while still enjoying what I’m drinking or eating at the time… and the company I’m in at the time. But lately it has been beer that I’ve been reaching for, and specifically Budweiser.

It’s funny to me that Bud Light’s current advertising push is built around the one-word phrase ‘drinkability’ because I can barely stand to drink it. I’ll give ‘er a go if it’s 90+ outside and I need water as much or more than anything else. Any other time than that I am passing it over if it’s at all possible. For me, the perfect balance of taste, heaviness and refreshment is an ice cold Budweiser.

Of late, I’ve noticed myself choosing Budweiser over other drinks all of the time. It’s nothing right now for me to pick up a dozen-bottle pack and start pounding them as soon as I get home. I am working around the house quite a bit sealing up the drafts in the house and other items so I can only assume that the dryness in our house coupled with constant work that we need to complete is leading me too drink the beer as if it were summer-like conditions. I definitely get parched and there’s always so much to do that I guess I want to stay active .

Whatever the reasons may be, I’ll just keep enjoying them… right up to the point where I switch back to Whiskey or Bourbon again.