Memorial Day!

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Posted on 31st May 2010 by Ben Krasner in Holidays

Memorial Day weekend is upon us – and let’s get right to it. A heartfelt THANK YOU to all those men and women who have given their lives so that America can reign as THE country that offers hope to all of its citizens and to all those who wish to come here in seek of freedom and opportunity. Thank you for sacrificing so much when faced with tasks most would run away from if given the opportunity to do so. And an additional THANK YOU to all those men and women currently serving in our armed forces. Thank you for keeping our interests safe and our country strong both locally and abroad.

On a day where we sit back and relax with a barbeque, a race at a track or on TV, an adult beverage (or many adult beverages) or any other activity that we choose while enjoying a long weekend to unofficially kick off summer, we cannot forget all those souls that paid the ultimate price to pave the way for what we – and many other countries – have today. As a Jewish individual, I have a special emotional attachment to holidays like Memorial Day. Thousands upon thousands laid down their lives while taking on the Natzis who were systematically executing 6 million people who simply read the same scriptures – scriptures like the Ten Commandments and the book of Exodus – as I do. Almost never a day goes by where I don’t hear the star spangled banner and become emotional, and never more so than on a holiday like Memorial Day.

So whether you’re watching the Indy 500, the Coca-Cola 600, golf, baseball, a movie, your kids playing outside, or burgers cookin’ on your grill, please take a sober moment to say THANK YOU to someone … or just aim your sentiment to the sky… so that those that sacrificed their time, effort or lives for this country know that what they did was valued and has made life better for countless people that came after them. Toast to their life and what they gave, and for what we have the ability to plan for, tomorrow.

La-Cha’im! And THANK YOU!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Posted on 14th February 2010 by Ben Krasner in Holidays


Valentine’s Day is upon us! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here’s another holiday that has a real wide range of ‘buy-in’ attached to it. There are those that get very much into Valentine’s Day and there are those that hate everything to do with it – and of course everything in between. As always, I’m right in the middle… I like it but don’t love it or gear up for it all that much. I certainly don’t hate it.

I see nothing wrong with going with it. Let me see a show of hands of all those out there who are confident that they have communicated everything that they should have to their significant other in terms of the love and bond that they share…

That’s what I thought: a fraction of what it should be.

So tonight, get the lead out and either make a great meal or get out for a great meal with your significant other. Enjoy your night and let them enjoy it, too. You might be pleased with the results.

We enjoyed a great evening at a dinner & comedy club during our Fort Myers getaway. Whatever you did, I hope you enjoyed a Happy Valentine’s Day – and maybe a great night, too ;) .


Happy Thanksgiving!

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Posted on 26th November 2009 by Ben Krasner in Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Thanksgiving has to be one of my favorite holidays and possibly is my favorite of them all. I know a lot of people will favor a holiday like Christmas or maybe New Year’s Eve or Day, but I feel that Thanksgiving is the one holiday that transcends to just about everyone and is the holiday where all can effectively pause, get together with those they care about, and celebrate life.  Regardless of your religion or preferences, we can all give thanks for what we have, remember what or who we’ve lost, and value one of the few days on the calendar where there are no motives, where most stop working and maybe a more appropriate focus takes control of our time, and where love, prayer and togetherness trump hate, isolationist thought and pettiness.

There’s plenty to be thankful for, this thanksgiving, and I hope that everyone has the ability to look around them and realize that. I hope that you all have a table full of food and family to celebrate with, and I wish you all the health and happiness we’ll all need to make it to this season, next year.

Take care!