CNN iPhone App $2.99 AND Loaded With Ads?

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Posted on 12th October 2009 by Ben Krasner in Day to Day Goodies


What the heck is with CNN’s iPhone app not being free and actually costing upwards of $2.99? What’s worse is that, even though you’re paying for it, it’s still loaded with ads that get in the way of browsing the news headlines and watching videos, etc. There’s lots of apps that are free and then force the advertising upon you while you’re using it, but usually when you pay for an app you get the benefit of reduced advertising or even the complete absence of ads.

I was just about to download that when I read reviews and saw that lots of users are complaining about the same thing. No thanks, I’ll just stick with ABC, NY Times, MSNBC, and other free apps for my news updates. Really cookin’ my noodle though… Why is the CNNmoney app free but the regular CNN app not?

I call BS.

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