EzPass Needed – Not Waiting In Line To Pay Ohio Turnpike Tolls

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Posted on 9th October 2009 by Ben Krasner in Day to Day Goodies


So, I decide to take the turnpike route on my way to work this morning. After cruising along for the normal amount of time I exit and look forward to quickly paying my $0.50 toll. Instead i come upon cars an trucks backed up all the way down the exit ramp a bit and ‘organized’ in two columns. Upon quick guesstimate I figure I am probably in for about 10 minutes of clutch-riding-never getting-out-of-first-gear fun, when the entire turnpike ride took only about the same amount if time.

For those that don’t already know, deciding to take the turnpike route to work, for me, is about the same as deciding to order food through a drive through window or via the phone rather than walking into the place to order from the counter. On the one hand things are supposed to work smoothly and more quickly as people are generally of the same ilk in drive through – all looking for speedy service and potentially placing quicker (smaller) orders. Yet, on the other hand, you know there could be a soccer mom in front of you ordering a car-load of happy meals – some no pickle, some no onion and some with a specific toy – or an employee of the establishment who just doesn’t have their act together who could brig your plans for “faster and easier” to a screaching halt. So, too, is my decision to take the turnpike to make things faster and easier a decision that can just as easily get me into a situation that actually takes longer or which makes the ride that much less enjoyable. And today was just one of those days.

There were three toll lanes open for those exiting the turnpike at the Lorain – Elyria exit where I jump off onto route 57 that takes me to I-90. Two lanes were marked for ticket payers (those without EzPass) and one for only EzPass users. Each of the ticket lanes had 30 or so cars backed up, but there sat the EzPass only lane – practically unused. Only an occaisional vehicle drove through the lane to pay while rolling through at about 15 mph. It was just begging all of us ticket payers to take notice of the obviousness of the situation. An if it wasn’t obvious enough, it sure became so when two tractor trailers hauling covered cargo rolled right through and disappeared into the distance while we all kept waiting to move the next 10 feet.

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