Golf Today – Heritage Palms Sable Course – Shot 47

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Posted on 14th February 2010 by Ben Krasner in Golfing


Went golfing today during our Fort Myers getaway; shot a 47. I didn’t play very well but considering that I haven’t played since the early fall I am plenty content. Not to mention, it’s Febrary 14th … And I’m golfing… And nowhere near Cleveland, Ohio or any of the snow we left behind.

I also beat Natalie and her Dad ;) and had a cigar… And, most importantly, a great time. Natalie had the putt of the day. Every bit a 34-35 footer from the edge of the green. Up and over, then left-to-right … A great putt!

At least one more round while we’re here. Can’t wait.

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