Weight Loss & Fitness Pursuit – At The Starting Line

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Posted on 12th July 2010 by Ben Krasner in Health & Fitness


Okay everyone, here goes.  Time to get active.  Looking back in the past few weeks I can honestly say that it’s truly disgusting how inactive I have been.  I’ve been so busy, and yet so inactive at the same time.  Well, no more.  Today, I jog.  I haven’t jogged since I was on the treadmill in the winter.  I’ve walked on that treadmill on an incline a lot … lots of good that did me.  I can’t walk from one side of the basketball arena to the other without breaking a sweat and having to catch my breath – ridiculous!

My wife Natalie and I are both embarking on this pursuit together.  For me, this is a personal goal of weight loss, health benefits directly related to that weight loss, and to find great increases in physical fitness.  Natalie is also interested in those things but has another motivating factor – she wants to lose weight for her sister’s wedding which is scheduled for October 16th.  There’s dress sizes and appearances in pictures involved with the approach of that event so all of a sudden we now have two people who, together, have heightened motivation that has been missing for a little while.

Today is simple – get out and jog in the neighborhood.  We don’t want to over-do it we just want to be active today and leave ourselves in a position to be active tomorrow, too.  My goal for us is to go from being consistently inactive to being physically active 5 or maybe 6 days a week.  That means trying to eliminate any days where she or I are sore enough or run down enough to where we decide we need a day off before we even get through a week.  I want to start off strong, even if that means doing less at the beginning.

We’re essentially doing a base week, this week.  We are not weighing ourselves or concentrating on any one area.  We just want to kick start our cardiovascular system and our muscles and see how we react.  Are we sore?  Are we digging into the fridge for extra meals or snacks and what are we eating if/when we do that?  Do we need to switch up exercises because of fatigue or to keep up interest.  We’re just getting started, that’s all.  Nothing critical should happen this week.

Today’s Workout Schedule:

  • Jog the neighborhood we’re familiar with – conservatively – whatever feels right, is right
  • Sit-ups – three sets of whatever starts to strain the muscles… maybe 15 to 20 per set
  • Push-ups – two sets of whatever gets us fatigued… guessing 15
  • Arm curls (biceps and upper arm muscles firing)
  • Lateral arm raises (deltoids and outer shoulder muscles firing)

Later guys and gals.

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