Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Posted on 14th February 2010 by Ben Krasner in Holidays


Valentine’s Day is upon us! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here’s another holiday that has a real wide range of ‘buy-in’ attached to it. There are those that get very much into Valentine’s Day and there are those that hate everything to do with it – and of course everything in between. As always, I’m right in the middle… I like it but don’t love it or gear up for it all that much. I certainly don’t hate it.

I see nothing wrong with going with it. Let me see a show of hands of all those out there who are confident that they have communicated everything that they should have to their significant other in terms of the love and bond that they share…

That’s what I thought: a fraction of what it should be.

So tonight, get the lead out and either make a great meal or get out for a great meal with your significant other. Enjoy your night and let them enjoy it, too. You might be pleased with the results.

We enjoyed a great evening at a dinner & comedy club during our Fort Myers getaway. Whatever you did, I hope you enjoyed a Happy Valentine’s Day – and maybe a great night, too ;) .