Ronnie Belliard Must Lose Weight

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Posted on 27th February 2010 by Ben Krasner in Sports Commentary

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Sorry Ronnie… wait, no I’m not.  This kind of news is always hilarious to me.  First and foremost it should be disclosed that I am a Detroit Tigers fan and I have loved to detest this cocky dude ever since he spent a few years as a player for the Cleveland Indians.  Obviously, he’s been a good enough baseball player to have a pretty decent career but he’s never been short on times when his testiness and seeming desire to resemble Manny Ramirez at every chance possible hasn’t made him one of my least favorite players of all.

Reading that an athlete is overweight and, per a mutually agreed upon contract, needs to lose some amount of weight or else he won’t get paid or the contract is voided always makes me laugh.  These are supposedly athletes, right?  They make a living because of their athleticism, right?  We’re talking about their ability to run, throw, jump, push, tackle, kick… whatever they do in whatever sport they are involved in… better than any above average man.  At the core of these abilities is taking care of one’s body – or so you would think.  And yet they have to write up a contract that says, “you will not get fat or this contract is void!”

We’re talking about a second baseman, here.  This is not a first baseman who hardly ever has to run or a left tackle in football that NEEDS a certain amount of weight and needs to just be sure that he doesn’t balloon into something ridiculous.  We’re talking about a guy who needs to be the second most mobile player on the infield and a guy who needs to have deep range to chase ground balls, cut off the outfield, scoot to the bag and turn to make unbelievably difficult double plays.  Carrying extra weight is not an option at second base or short stop.  Better get on the treads bro!  Otherwise the Dodgers will be fielding a second baseman who actually looks like one.  While you’re at it, stop staring at everyone like their holding back the next coming of Lou Whittaker.