Samsung DVD Recorder Done For

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Posted on 12th February 2010 by Ben Krasner in Day to Day Goodies

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One of the things we were slated to do down here in Fort Myers, during our little get away, was finally watch ‘The Hangover’ on DVD. We never ended up going to the movie theater to see it and we still hadn’t made it that far in our blockbuster movie shipping queue. So we’re all excited to see it, the DVD goes into the DVD player while we are sorting out our travel bags when I hear a cry from the other room – “Ben, why’s the DVD player not showing a picture?!”… Time to go to work.

Natalies Dad and Karin have a Samsung DVD recorder which they use for their DVD source and have only had it for about two years or perhaps a bit longer. On top of that, they have only used it sparingly and only do so once or twice each time they are in Fort Myers using their condo. Worse, they have never used it to record. Still, here we are looking at a TV picture that’s black while audio plays in the background.

I had hooked all these componenets up just the year before after they had to start using a Comcast cable box due to Comcast’s BS money making scheme requirements following their own private ‘digital account conversion’ … and checking the TV inputs again quickly shows me everything was still connected and selected properly on both the TV and the DVD recorder. Now I know that something isn’t working right and the process of elimination proves that the video outputs on the DVD recorder (other than the cable/tuner output) have all gone bad (not discreet outputs). Sweet.

We instead watched the incredibly boring Vancouver Winter Olympics opening ceremonies and decide to go and put our travel day to bed, deciding also that there wasn’t a lot of sense in getting the old DVD recorder fixed and instead to buy a new straight forward DVD tomorrow.

I guess we’ll just have to wait one more day to watch ‘The Hangover’.