Big Chill Tickets Arrive!

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Posted on 24th June 2010 by Ben Krasner in Day to Day Goodies | University of Michigan Sports

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Our tickets came in the mail, today, for The Big Chill – a CCHA hockey game between the hockey teams of the University of Michigan and Michigan State University being held outdoors, in Michigan Stadium, in December of this year. 103,000 tickets have been sold for this game, so far, easily setting it up to be the biggest hockey game crowd in history.

Our seats are the same new club seats that we will be using for the football season and are located in section 302, on the south/southeast side of the stadium. Interestingly, we received these before we received our football tickets, even though the hockey game isn’t until weeks after the last home football game. Now, I can’t wait for the game to get here. It’s going to be quite the event.

Go Blue!