DIY Network – My New Favorite Channel

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Posted on 5th February 2010 by Ben Krasner in Day to Day Goodies | Home Improvement

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I am completely hooked on watching DIY Network all of a sudden.  I’m sure this has a lot to do with the fact I have been working around the house and getting into tasks that at one time I would have never tried – if for no other reason than simply not wanting to step out of a comfort zone.  Life has a funny way of changing that, however, as I again found out when I stepped through my ceiling following a bizarre turn of events in the attic while up there to investigate potential causes of ice damming.  No worries, though, between my area hardware or home centers and DIY Network, I’m feeling more and more comfortable taking on more daunting tasks.

The best part of DIY is the demystification process I go through while watching others dig in and either succeed or screw up.  When I look at an area of my house I want to fix or improve, I can easily find many reasons to put that task off or even walk away from it altogether.  But when I watch others take on the task, even in an example like watching DIY Network on TV where you’re only going to pick up bits and pieces in each show or segment, I start to easily find many reasons why I should dive right in.

Great TV shows that the DIY Network puts out there, include: Ask This Old House, Kitchen Impossible, Sweat Equity and 10 Grand In Your Hand.  These are shows where I can pick up tips and techniques throughout the episodes that I can apply to the tasks I’m either in need of completing or might want to take on.  I’ve already learned why I need certain tools (and why I don’t need other tools) and how to use tools I didn’t even know were out there.  Not to mention all kinds of projects that once seemed impossible without the help from a contractor or an army of friends that now seem like great weekend warrior items for me to tackle.  All I need now is the house that we’re going to live in for the bulk of the rest of our lives so I can get to these items and get maximum enjoyment out of the investment.

Thanks DIY Network, and keep pumping out the great projects.  I’ll keep watching.